Are sire basses good?

Both Sire basses had excellent playability, with just a touch of the neck dive that one can reasonably expect from a J-style body/headstock combo. This, by far, in spite of the great-for-the-price construction, is the basses’ most compelling attribute. They sound legit good.

Does Marcus Miller own sire?

Sire or Sire Guitars Corporation is an American manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars located in California City. The company is in partnership with Marcus Miller and Larry Carlton for adapting their experience in their careers to create instruments of their preference….Sire Revolution.

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What strings do sire basses come with?

In addition, the Sire V7 is shipped with a compliment of Allen wrenches that are required to adjust the truss rod and bridge saddles. The Playing Experience: The Marcus Miller by Sire V7 five string bass was strung with D’Addario strings.

Where are sire s7 guitars made?

Sire guitars and basses are made in Indonesia using what they call “advanced automation technology”.

Where are sire basses built?

Sire builds their basses in a factory owned by Sire in Indonesia. Their quality control is nothing short of impressive.

What Bass does Marcus Miller use?

1977 Fender Jazz Bass
Instruments. Miller is noted for playing a 1977 Fender Jazz Bass that was modified by Roger Sadowsky with the addition of a Bartolini preamp so he could control his sound in the studio.

Is Marcus Miller A jazz?

Primarily a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Marcus Miller has worked on hundreds of sessions — crossing jazz, R&B, and rock — and has released several solo recordings since his late-’70s beginnings with Bobbi Humphrey and Lonnie Liston Smith.

Who has Marcus Miller played with?

Marcus Miller
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, producer
Instruments Bass, guitar, vocals, saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, recorder
Years active 1975–present
Associated acts SMV, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Eric Clapton, Bob James, Christian Scott, Lalah Hathaway, Meshell Ndegeocello

Are sire guitars made in Indonesia?

HOW DID YOU GET TO KNOW SIRE BASS AND WHAT IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION WHEN YOU PLAY SIRE BASS FOR THE FIRST TIME? My only first impression was the unbelief that I play a cheap bass with a boutique quality in my hands, and it is made in Indonesia.

Are sire acoustic guitars good?

Sire Acoustic Guitars. Welcome to a fresh take on classic acoustic designs. Sire are masters of superb instrument quality at outstanding prices.

What effects does Marcus Miller use?

Effects Pedals

  • Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah. At 3:12 of this DunlopTV video, Marcus is playing bass using the Dunlop 535Q …
  • MXR M87 Bass Compressor Pedal. At 4:10, Marcus says that he uses the MXR bass compressor.
  • Electro-Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator.
  • Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive.

Does Marcus Miller play a fretless bass?

Marcus Miller: I got my first fretless bass at age 17. It was a Kramer with a metal neck and a forked headstock. Marcus Miller: I had begun to play a lot of straight ahead jazz and wanted an instrument that sounded closer to an acoustic bass. I had heard Jaco on “Speak Like A Child” on his first album.

Why are Marcus Miller and sire so important?

Marcus Miller and SIRE wish to see everyone enjoying and playing music. To make this happen, Marcus Miller and SIRE have been on a mission for several years to build the best quality bass at an unbelievable price, making it available to everyone.

What kind of wood is sire Marcus Miller V3 made of?

We are ecstatic that SIRE Marcus Miller basses are now available to everyone with a new hope that more people will be able to play and enjoy the music they love. The V3 body is made with Indonesian Mahogany which is known for its warm, clear, full-bodied sound.

Are there any new Marcus Miller basses available?

The result is a new line of Marcus Miller bass models that have a fantastic sound and look, and are high quality but with an extraordinarily low price. We are ecstatic that SIRE Marcus Miller basses are now available to everyone with a new hope that more people will be able to play and enjoy the music they love.

How much does a Marcus Miller 2nd generation Alder cost?

Left-Handed or Fretless SIRE Marcus Miller V10 2nd Generation | Ash (Preorder) from $1,399.00 Left-Handed or Fretless SIRE Marcus Miller V7 Vintage 2nd Generation | Alder (Preorder) from $719.00 Left-Handed or Fretless SIRE Marcus Miller M7 2nd Generation | Ash (Preorder) from $988.00