Are Parker 51 fountain pens still made?

The Parker “51” stayed in production until 1972 with a series of revisions throughout its production cycle. The “51” was innovative for the period. With a number of new design features in particular its hooded, tubular nib and multi-finned collector, were designed to work in conjunction with the pen’s proprietary ink.

How much is a Parker 51 fountain pen worth?

The most common 51, say a Parker “51” special is worth around $20 unrestored, with some of the more rare examples with solid gold caps and unusual colors worth into the thousands of dollars.

How much should a Parker 51 cost?

While the presentation is nothing fancy, it’s quality packaging appropriate to the price point of this pen (approximately $109 USD MSRP / $89 USD street price). Visually, Parker has done a nice job recreating the look of the vintage 51, at least with the cap on.

How can you tell Parker 51?

The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line. They may or may not have a “1” datecode after the imprint. Some collectors speculate that the ones without a datecode are really pre-production models from 1940.

How do you clean Parker 51?

I think you should start by flushing it with plain water first, just put the pen into some clean water and pump away and change the water when it becomes inky. Keep repeating till the water runs clear from the pen. Then touch the nib to a piece of paper towel and wick water out of the pen until dry.

How can you tell if you have a Parker 51 fountain pen?

How do you date a Parker 51 fountain pen?

If there is no Parker imprint around the end cap and the pen has two jewels, it can be dated most likely between 1942 and 1946. The Parker 51 fountain pen is a classic writing instrument first put into production in 1941, when the company celebrated its 51st anniversary in business.

How do you fill a Parker 51?

I have a question about how to fill a Parker 51 aerometric. One of the experts here said to do a full squeeze/release 3 times, and then after the 4th squeeze to pull the pen out of the ink and then release the squeeze.

How can you tell a Parker 51?

What is the most expensive Parker pen?

The most expensive product is Parker Premier Graduated Chiselling ST Fountain Pen priced at Rs. 21,000….Parker Pens Price list in India (September 2021)

Parker Ingenuity Laquer Black Gold Trim 5th Technology Pen Rs.8,000