Are Optima Red Top batteries worth it?

However, the answer to “are optima batteries worth it” is Yes. If you have got a new car or vehicle that you are going to use for years, an AGM battery can be the best choice. As a general case, a REDTOP or a YELLOWTOP can be the best fit for your vehicle even if they come up with a higher price tag.

How long does a red top Optima battery last?

Hawker designs in a three to eight year service life, depending upon usage. their battery can be discharged to 100% a full 400 times, or 500 times if only discharged to 80%.

Is Optima Red Top AGM or gel?

Generally, gel batteries are less tolerant of high heat and are charged at lower power than traditional or AGM batteries. An OPTIMA battery is neither a gel battery nor a regular flooded battery. OPTIMA is a SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY AGM battery.

Is Optima Red Top an AGM battery?

The REDTOP high-performance AGM battery is ideal for trucks, SUVs, hot rods, street cars and other high-performance applications that require a spill-proof starting battery.

Are OPTIMA REDTOP worth it?

The RedTop provides the strongest 5-second burst of power every time you need to start your vehicle, making it perfect for those who value reliability. These batteries are ideal for providing clean ignition power to cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have properly sized alternators.


YELLOWTOPs are also designed to be significantly discharged and recharged over and over again, while a starting battery like a REDTOP, works better and lasts longer when it is kept as close to a full state of charge (~12.6-12.8V) as possible.

Which is better red top or Yellow Top OPTIMA?

Red top= more cranking power, lots of power for short time. Less resistance , quicker recharge. Yellow top= less power delivered over longer time. More resistance to both discharge and recharge.

Which is better yellow or red top battery?

Can I trickle charge an AGM battery?

Batteries will self-discharge over a period of months even without a load. Many GEL, AGM and Calcium’s are better than regular lead-acid batteries but even so you should charge them back up regularly, or better still use a trickle charger (or solar panel) to keep them in top condition and extend their life.

Can you jump start AGM batteries?

Yes, you can jump start the car with an AGM installed. The battery may not charge on the alternator, so when you stop, it still won’t start again.

What’s better red top or Yellow Top OPTIMA?

The REDTOP battery is what Optima considers their starting battery. A true dual-purpose automotive battery, the YELLOWTOP battery is recommended for accessory-heavy vehicles, or for vehicles running a lot of battery-draining electronics. It can also be used as a forklift or tractor battery.

Can you overcharge a Optima battery?

OPTIMA batteries are more resilient in high heat applications than flooded batteries, but they are still susceptible to permanent damage, if they are overcharged. We suggest using a higher amperage level of about 10 amps, to help break up this sulfation, but monitoring the battery closely during the charging process.