Are nitride barrels any good?

Nitride significantly increases the barrel life and corrosion resistance of “stainless” (which for barrel stainless steel is not rust-proof). Which is less expensive? Nitride is significantly less expensive and less time-consuming for making barrels.

How long does a nitride barrel last?

The nitrided barrels lasted an average of 28,000 shots before rejection.

Which barrel is better nitride or phosphate?

On the basis of performance, nitride wins. For nostalga, phosphate wins. The battle between these two smooth finishes comes down to cost vs performance. Both are excellent finishes that are very hard, smooth and high performing.

Is nitride a good finish?

A black nitride surface is very corrosion resistant, it doesn’t corrode underneath as chroming or rust through as parkerizing does and is very durable. It is NOT black paint or a surface coating.

Is Cerakote better than nitride?

The Traditions™ Performance Firearms barrel protected by Cerakote took 150x longer to show visible signs of corrosion than the barrel treated with Black Nitride Rust Proofing by CVA®. This test video shows that when corrosion protection matters, Cerakote outlasts and outperforms, making it the obvious choice.

Are chrome-lined barrels better?

While chrome lining offers superior corrosion resistance to various external weather conditions, it also serves to significantly reduce throat erosion, allowing shooters to enjoy sub-MOA accuracy potential for as much as 20,000 rounds of normal use with factory match ammunition.

How much does it cost to have a barrel nitrided?

A few years ago, the cost was about $75-$85 + s/h per barrel. Now it seems the price has jumped to $200 plus s&h for each barrel.

Are phosphate coated barrels good?

A Mag Phosphate coating does nothing other than protect the metal (if properly lubricated). CL Chrome lining is usually put in 4140 barrels. Chrome lining will make the barrel easier to clean, less susceptible to corrosion and increases the life span.

Is a Parkerized barrel good?

Blued and “Parkerized” Barrel Treatments Manganese phosphate is a good finish, very protective and very durable. It’s served military ARs well for over 50 years, and it’ll serve your AR well, too. There’s nothing wrong with it.

How tough is Cerakote?

Developed by NIC Industries, Cerakote is a thin-film ceramic coating that offers a hard finish that is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals—and looks great at the same time. Also, for obvious reasons, this coating needed to be highly resistant to corrosion as compared to more delicate finishes such as bluing.

Does Cerakote stop rust?

Cerakote is also a more effective barrier against oxidation and corrosion than bluing.

What does Chrome Lining do for a barrel?

What’s the average life of a nitride barrel?

That being said, our nitride barrel life span for average use is 12,000 rounds. Only downside to nitride barrels are they do not break in over time, once you do you initial break in, the grouping you get is all your ever going to get until the barrel life has ended.

What to look for when buying a nitrided barrel?

Another thing to consider when shopping around for nitrided barrels is the barrel extension itself. If the barrel and extension are nitrided together, the process tends to relieve the torque between them. Manufacturers need to take care to re-torque and headspace the extension and barrel shoulder after nitriding is complete.

What kind of steel is in a nitrided barrel?

The surface of a nitrided barrel is in the realm of 60 to 65 Rockwell, while the typically gun barrel steel is 28-32 Rockwell. This surface layer becomes a very corrosion resistant “case” around the barrel steel.

Do you need a nitrided barrel for an AR-15?

The microcracks formed in the bore and chamber of such barrels may be aggravated by the high temperatures. That could actually degrade the barrels accuracy. Another thing to consider when shopping around for nitrided barrels is the barrel extension itself.