Are anthem amps good?

Yes ! Anthem is owned by Paradigm. They make very good quality amps, and are made to mate very well with Paradigm speakers. I have a MCA-20 running my Studio 100’s and they sound great.

Which brand of amplifier is the best?

The top 11 best power amplifier brands are:

  • NAD Electronics.
  • Anthem.
  • Cambridge Audio.
  • Rega Research.
  • Parasound.
  • Schiit.
  • Pass Labs.
  • Linear Tube Audio.

Where is Anthem audio made?

Today Paradigm’s state of the art production facility, where most Paradigm and Anthem products are manufactured, is based in Mississauga, Ontario. This colossal facility is home to over 300 employees and occupies roughly 230,000 square feet.

What is AMP Matrixing?

Power amp (4 or 8 zone) is just a dumb amp if you will. So you would pair those amps with the Audio Matrix Switch. This set up gives you the most flexibility and options since you can take 16 inputs (sources of audio) and output it to 16 zones.

Is crunch a good amplifier?

4.0 out of 5 stars For the money, it’s a decent amp for many applications. Added this amp to a factory system in a Jeep Patriot. Replaced my stock 6×9’s that are in all 4 doors with some Kenwood 6×9 3 ways. Sounds very good, I ran each speaker on its own channel and it sounds like the speaker can’t handle the power.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem?

Since Anthem licenses with Blue Cross Blue Shield, it only offers its own health insurance brands in certain states, including California, New York, and a dozen more. If you don’t live in a state with Anthem health insurance, you may want to search for your own regional Blue Cross Blue Shield regional company.

Is Anthem Roon ready?

ANTHEM – PURE PERFORMANCE, PURE VALUE Object-oriented audio codecs have been updated with support for up to 15.2 channels; as well as built-in streaming support for Apple AirPlay2, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Roon (coming soon).

What is MRX receivers?

Third Generation MRX Series of High-End Multichannel A/V Receivers with Anthem Room Correction. The MRX Series is packed with exclusive audio innovations like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching and more.

Do expensive speakers sound better?

So, are expensive speakers better? Generally, expensive speakers will do a better job than budget speakers, particularly if you’re looking for the truest audio quality. However, it’s more important to make sure the speakers do what you need, rather than focusing on the price tag.

Is Naim overpriced?

Compared to other gear, Naim is overpriced. It also has an insidious upgrade system where some very expensive gear is only really competitive when more power supply boxes are added, at huge cost.

Who makes Crunch audio?

Maxxsonics USA
Headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Maxxsonics USA is home to innovative mobile, marine, and powersports audio products under our brands Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch and Autotek.